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Why should I use PaGen?

Many of us use the same passwords for multiple services, which also contain easy-to-remember words. But why use a password generator like PaGen when it's so easy? Here are 5 reasons!

Weak passwords can be easily cracked by hackers, who may then have access to all your personal data.

PaGen generates passwords with random characters and numbers.

Even people who know you can't easily figure out these passwords because they are randomly generated.

PaGen gives you the possibility to choose the length and possible numbers and special characters for the password itself.

PaGen does not use consecutive word fragments and avoids repetition, so as many different letters as possible are used.

A 9-digit password is 67 times more secure than an 8-digit password

If a password generated with PaGen is only one character longer, it is directly up to 67 times more secure. A 9-character password is thus up to 67 times more secure than an 8-character password. With PaGen, a password is generated from up to 67 different characters – as long as numbers and special characters are enabled. With a character length of 8, this results in a possibility of 8⁶⁷ different passwords. With 9 characters, there are even 9⁶⁷ – that's 67 times as many possibilities.

Let's assume that an 8-digit password can be entered with an Brute-Force-Attack crack within 10 minutes. A 9-digit thus already in 670 minutes, i.e. ≈11 hours (10 ⋅ 67¹ ). With 10 digits it would be just about 31 days (10 ⋅ 67² ) and for 11 characters 5.7 years (10 ⋅ 67³ ). This kind of multiplication is called exponential growth.

As a conclusion, it can be stated that a password should be at least 12 characters long. This would be safe for 363 years, according to the calculation.

On the website you can check how long it would take to crack your password.

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